The best way to understand a place is to get out and explore it. The way our towns and cities look, the layout of the roads, the look of the buildings, the street names; are all shaped by human activity in the past. To understand your town better, you just need to know what to look for.

Cotton End in 1885

The purpose of this trail is to help you understand the Engine Shed, and Waterside Campus better. By looking at the surrounding landscape, the notable buildings, the streets and other points of interest, you will see how the area has been formed by the industry and transport of the past. Much of this industry, including the railway has been lost to modern development, but there are still many clues to be seen.

This self-guided trail can be completed by following the numbers in order. Each page below gives a potted history of each site of interest on the way and how it relates to the industrial, social and of course railway history of the area.

welcome to Cotton End

  1. The Engine Shed
  2. Hardingstone Crossing
  3. Permanent Way Depot
  4. Cloughton Road
  5. Co-op Dairy
  6. Level Crossing/GWR Shed
  7. Old White Hart
  8. Midland Railway Grain Store
  9. Midland Railway Goods Yard
  10. Railway Tavern
  11. Trenery & Sons
  12. Pomfret Arms
  13. LMS Office
  14. Norton’s Corn Stores
  15. Bus depot
  16. Carlsberg and the Lion brewery
  17. Latimer and Crick
  18. The Nene
  19. The Nene Viaduct
  20. Beckets Park
  21. Nunn Mills Road/Portway
  22. Power Station