9. Midland Railway Goods Yard

Insurance plan of the goods shed in 1905

Extending more or less the whole length of this area east of the road, and behind the Old White Hart was the Goods Yard. Contemporary to the Engine Shed and was built for the Midland Railway in the early 1870’s. The yard contained a large a transit shed with multiple docks for the loading and unloading of goods and space for warehousing. The yard itself had multiple lines feeding into it, including into the various business along the river.

Goods Interior
Interior of the transhipment shed, filled with sheets of leather c1903.
Goods exterior
LMS delivery lorries, Northampton Goods Depot c.1920s

Unfortunately not much evidence survives of the goods yard, but from various maps and plans we can see that they were altered many times over the years to reflect fluctuations in trade and transport technology. As motorised transport took over the number of lines declined from six to one in the early 1960’s before the yards were closed completely. One of the only surviving pieces of evidence for the goods yard is the weighbridge, still embedded in its place in the cobbles outside the grains warehouse.

The Weighbridge still in place today


Below is a collection of photographs of the goods warehouses, taken by Northamptonshire Archaeology in 1999. They show the various transhipment sheds in a state of decay, prior to their demolition to make way for the modern flats which now occupy the site.