8. Midland Railway Grain Store


The Midland Railway Grain Warehouse today

When the Midland Railway built the Bedford to Northampton line in the early 1870’s they also built an extensive goods yard here at Cotton End. One of the only parts of the yard to survive is the grain warehouse.

The Grain Warehouse in the 1960s.

This is a replacement for an earlier warehouse constructed in the 1870’s. Plans show a different goods warehouse adjacent to the rails, with connected workshops such as a paint shop and masons.

Insurance plan showing the original warehouse in 1899
The 1905 shows the new grain warehouse

Around 1902-3, however the warehouse was demolished so that the council could widen the road and to make way for this new grain warehouse built over the rails so that wagons could run into it and a winch system, which is still in evidence. Some signs of the earlier buildings remains however, in the local stonework incorporated in the bottom corner of the South Wall and some discolouration of the brickwork.

The mix of old stone wall and new brickwork are clearly visible

By the late 1960’s the Cotton End yards had closed down and the grain warehouse was left empty. Photographs taken by Northamptonshire Archaeology in the late 1990’s show the warehouse in a state of dilapidation.

In the early 2000’s the warehouse was converted into an office building, many of the original features have been retained, including the winch house and wagon doors.

The original door with roller from the entrance has been retained as a feature